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Mobile Oil Change Services for Fleets in Northern New Jersey

Mobile Oil Change Services for Fleets in Northern New Jersey

If you manage a fleet of vehicles, you know how problematic downtime can be. Every minute a vehicle has to spend in the shop is a minute lost from work. Nomad offers innovative, easy-to-use mobile fleet maintenance services that allow you to keep your fleet rolling without losing time or money.

Fleet Service Built around Your Business

Whatever your business is, you rely on your vehicles and your staff to maximize the productivity of every hour. If you have to ground a unit for an oil change or other routine maintenance, you may be losing the revenue that asset and its operator would normally generate, and you may even be paying wages for lost time.

Nomad is different because we come on-site and work on your vehicles while they sit, so when they’re back on the clock, they’re ready to work.

How it Works

Nomad’s user-friendly scheduling system gives you a range of dates and times. Select the one that works best for you. Then fill out the details like where the vehicle will be, what kind of vehicle and engine you have, and what needs to be done. Next, simply enter your payment information, and that’s it! We’ll arrive at your chosen location on time and get our work done quickly so you can get back to yours. Flexible night and weekend hours are available by request to work around the operating schedule of our fleet clients.

Schedule an Oil Change Today!

See how easy fleet service can be with Nomad. Our full-service maintenance vans bring oil changes, tire rotation, air filter replacement, wiper blades, and all other routine maintenance to you so your fleet stays in motion. Schedule your first oil change today and receive $10 off with our special offer for new customers.

Go with Nomad, the on-site fleet maintenance service for businesses on the go!