5 Helpful Tools to Have in Your Garage

Even if you don’t consider yourself mechanically inclined, it can be helpful to have a few tools on hand for auto maintenance. These tools can help with upkeep between professional services and can help you fix minor car issues. But with so many tools to choose from, how do you determine which ones are worth the investment?

Here are five tools we suggest you include in your automotive tool kit.

1. Socket Set

Socket sets typically include a wrench and an assortment of attachments (available in standard and metric sizes). Socket sets can address a diverse range of nuts and bolts, making them essential for auto maintenance. Plus, they’re less likely to slip than other tools, reducing the likelihood of injury or property damage.

2. Torque Wrench

A torque wrench is super helpful if you’re dealing with wheels. They provide a variety of settings, ensuring that you only tighten bolts to the proper specifications.

3. Toolbox

A sturdy toolbox makes it easy to keep your garage organized. Just starting your tool collection? Look for a complete tool kit that includes common tools such as pliers, screwdrivers and wrenches.

4. Lighting Options

It’s dark under the hood of a car, even in a well-lit garage. But with a shop light, you can get a much better view of the job at hand, ensuring it gets done properly and safely.

5. Floor Jack and Stands

Some areas of your engine can’t be accessed without elevating the vehicle. A floor jack makes it easy to access these hard-to-reach areas. But don’t leave the car on the jack while you’re working. Secure it with jack stands rated specifically for the weight of your vehicle.

While these tools are certainly helpful to have, regular professional maintenance is highly recommended.

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