5 Smart Tips for Summer Car Care

The summer heat can pose some unique challenges for drivers. Increased temperatures can impact everything from road conditions to vehicle performance, and too much sun can even cause some damage to your vehicle.

So how do you make sure that you properly care for your vehicle during the summer? Use the five following maintenance tips to create a smarter summer car care routine.

1. Check the battery.
Rising temperatures cause battery fluids to evaporate and can also speed up the corrosion process, possibly causing irreversible damage to your battery. Luckily, corrosion is easily removed using baking soda and water.

Keep in mind, most batteries only last three to five years. If your battery is in that age range, have it checked by a professional. It may be time for a replacement.

2. Top off fluids.
Extreme temperatures can take a toll on engine fluids, so it’s important to develop a consistent maintenance routine. For example, oil should be checked monthly, topped off as needed and changed regularly. Engine coolant should be checked every time you fill up your gas tank, topped off as needed and flushed every five years.

3. Gauge tire pressure.
As temperatures rise and fall, so does tire pressure. When tires are off balance, they wear unevenly, which impacts fuel economy and increases the chances of blowouts. Tire pressure should be checked (at least) monthly and adjusted to manufacturer specifications.

4. Protect your paint.
Avoid washing your car in direct sunlight. If it dries too quickly, soap residue may get cooked into the paint, damaging the finish. It’s also a good idea to wax the exterior every six months to protect the paint from sun damage.

5. Protect your interior.
Wipe down and condition the dash and upholstery as needed to prevent surfaces from drying out, cracking or fading. And consider using a sunshade while parked to protect interior surfaces from the heat.

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