5 Things to Teach Your Teen About Cars

Driver’s ed classes are over. Your new driver can parallel park and perform a Y-turn. They’ve passed their test, and now it’s finally time for your kid to hit the road.

Of course, they’re excited about their newfound freedom. And you know they’ll be safe because you’ve taught them the rules of the road. But it’s also important for new drivers to know how to keep their vehicles in good shape, both inside and out.

Before you hand over the keys, here are five things your teen should know about car maintenance.

1. Tire Care
What happens if a tire bursts on the roadway? Drivers (new or not) should know how to change a tire and how to do so safely on busy roads. Teach your teen the importance of tire rotations, keeping tires properly inflated and how to talk to their repair technician about changes in steering.

2. Understanding Warning Lights
Check engine lights should mean a timely call to the repair technician, but young drivers may not realize the dangers of putting this off. Teach them about all of their dashboard warning lights, such as traction lights, oil lights and brake warning signs.

3. Checking Engine Fluids
Does your teen know the difference between transmission fluid and windshield wiper fluid? What do they know about engine oil? Show them how to check levels, monitor leaks and choose the right oil product.

4. Cleaning Techniques
Car owners should also know how to clean the car’s exterior, including how to handle paint scratches and damage to the body. You may also want to teach your teen how to handle rust should it develop.

5. Electronics Care
Many vehicles have extensive onboard electronics, from infotainment systems to dash cameras. Your teen should not only know how to use these but also how to adjust them and get help if they stop working.

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