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Beat the New NJ Gas Tax in Under 2 Minutes

Beat the New NJ Gas Tax in Under 2 Minutes

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A Few Minutes A Day Can Save You A Bundle On Gas

Did you read about the new NJ gas tax? If you had spent your time driving instead, you could avoid paying any more for gas! Okay, let me explain . . .

NJ rolled out a new 4.3 cent per gallon tax on gasoline on Monday, resulting in grumbles and eye rolls up and down the Parkway and Turnpike.

My advice? Forget about it. Here’s how to milk more money out of your daily commute in just a couple minutes, enough to more than pay the extra pennies at the fuel pump!

Save Money and Increase Fuel Economy MPGs in Just 2 Minutes

We know you are a lane-changing ninja. Your freeway passing abilities are highly developed. Your right foot is . . . active. Most of us here in New Jersey like to drive fast. But what you may not know is that speeding barely cuts any time off of your drive. It does, however, burn a bunch of gas. Here is a handy way to “hack” your commute to get where you’re going in about the same amount of time while saving enough cash to more than cover this annoying new NJ gas tax!

Crunch your speed and fuel numbers here — the trade-off between MPH, MPG, and travel time may surprise you!   This fuel consumption vs. speed calculator helps you see how much MPGs go up when your MPH goes down, and you’ll be amazed how little it changes the length of your drive.

Using our Nomad Ford Flex as an example (about 20 MPG on our daily 30-mile round trip to our home base), the new gas tax will cost 6.3 cents per day. If I drive 5 MPH slower, I’ll get to work 3 minutes later and save 13 cents. That’s double what I’d need to cover the new tax hike.

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That’s hardly enough to stop and think about, but here’s the big picture: if I normally drove at 75 mph (hypothetically, right? — obey all posted limits kids), and made the jump down to 60 mph, I’d save $438.00 per year and only make my total commute 6 minutes longer. Ka-ching.

(Why does speeding cost more money without saving you time? Nerd time out: wind resistance doesn’t add up proportionally to your speed . . . it multiplies in a more exponential manner (velocity squared) as you go faster. At the same time, vehicle engines and transmissions get peak MPG efficiency around 55-60 miles per hour. You’ll notice to drive faster than that, you’ll be revving at higher RPMs. So, above that speed your engine has to work harder not only because it’s running above it’s “cruising speed”, but also because more and more air is stacking up in front of your car and must be pushed out of the way.)

So, pay yourself hundreds of dollars this year, and spend a few more minutes listening to the radio each day (or talking to bae, or listening to audiobooks, or chatting with your Uber/Lyft passengers — whatever it is you’re doing in there).

Another way to save a little cash on gas? Stop driving to the dealership or auto shop every time your car needs service! Nomad saves you a trip and loads of time by bringing oil changes and maintenance right to you at home and at work — book your next service here.

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