5 Signs Your Transmission Is in Trouble

It might be hard to describe how your car sounds when you drive it. But we all know when our car feels a little funny. 

One day, you might notice that it takes more effort to turn the wheel of your car. Or maybe it takes longer to get up to speed. Certain changes could be a signal that a transmission inspection may be in order. How do you know for sure? 

Here are five signs of possible transmission trouble.

Rough Shifting

As your car accelerates, it shifts from gear to gear. If you feel a jerk or a lag, your transmission may be struggling to switch gears. You might also notice it’s not getting up to speed as fast as usual.

Leaking Fluid

Unless it’s condensation from your AC, any type of fluid under your car is a clear warning sign you need repairs. If the fluid’s red in color, it could be from your transmission. 

If your transmission is leaking, don’t drive your car until it’s repaired.

Bad Odor

A burning smell coming from under the hood isn’t necessarily oil from your engine. Make sure you find out where the odor is coming from.

Gear Slipping

In an automatic transmission, slipping could start to occur randomly. You’ll feel as though there’s a sudden change in gear for no real reason. This can mean the transmission is struggling to keep up.

Odd Sounds

The sounds your car makes can give you an idea of its health. A grinding sound can be an indication that the transmission isn’t working right. You may also hear a loud hum or even a whine. All of these are signals that your transmission could be in trouble.

Any of these signs — along with a transmission warning light — indicates that at least routine maintenance is necessary.  

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