Simple Tips for Waxing Your Vehicle

A fresh wax does more than make your car shiny. The layer of wax protects the paint from weathering and helps prevent the paint from breaking down.

Along with protection from weather and everyday wear and tear, a wax coat can also minimize the risks of damage from bird droppings and tree sap.

Plus, keeping up the finish of your car also helps maintain the overall value of the vehicle. And, once you know how, it’s not hard to do.

1. Clean your car.

Your first step is to ensure dirt and grime are rinsed off the car. Use a soap that’s made for cars, and microfiber cloths to wipe down the surface. Then, let it dry completely.

2. Choose polish.

You could use synthetic or carnauba wax. Synthetic waxes do not last as long as a natural product like carnauba, but both can be good options. There is also a ceramic-based coating, but it’s best to have a professional apply that.

3. Start waxing.

Before you start waxing, park your vehicle in the shade, especially if it’s hot. The sun could bake the wax onto your car — at best, making it hard to remove, or worse, damaging the paint.

Apply a small amount of product to a small area, working section by section around your car. Brush in a circular motion going with the grain of the paint (if evident). Follow the directions on the product to know how long to leave it in place. Then, buff it off using a microfiber cloth.

Applied properly, the wax should last three to six months.

If you need help with your vehicle, be sure to reach out.

5 Tips for Buying a Vehicle From Home

If you were interested in purchasing a new (or new to you) vehicle, the recent stay at home orders may have dampened your spirits. But you don’t necessarily have to venture out in public or compromise your safety to buy a new car. In fact, much of the process can be done from your own home.

Here are five things to consider when shopping for a car online.

1. Don’t just budget for the sticker price.Think ahead to ownership costs such as insurance, fuel and maintenance. And if you’re considering a lease, consider the projected terms of the lease, including any taxes. Determining what you can afford will help narrow your search parameters early.

2. Prequalify your loan. Check with your bank or credit union, then expand your search to include national lenders. Prequalifying gives you a negotiating chip with the dealer, who may be able to beat the loan terms and tack on incentives, such as no-interest financing.

3. Ask what precautions the dealer is taking for COVID-19. Discuss their policies for disinfecting vehicles and handling in-store and at-home delivery interactions. When meeting with sellers, take the necessary precautions. Wear a face mask, carry hand sanitizer, and observe social distancing guidelines.

4. Schedule a test drive. Online photos and virtual tours can’t give you a true feel for the vehicle. Most dealers should be willing to bring the vehicle to you, free of charge, and pick it up when you’re done. (Use disinfectant wipes on high-touch surfaces before driving.)

5. Be prepared to sign paperwork. While the bulk of the transaction can be easily handled online, most states do require an in-person signature to seal the deal. Ask the dealer to bring the paperwork to you when they deliver the vehicle.

For more advice on how to handle your automotive needs, reach out today.

Q&A with Nomad Founder Eric Pearson

Want a peek behind the scenes at what it’s like to run Nomad?

Check out this Q&A where Eric talks to Aaron Price, founder of the Propelify Innovation festival and NJ Tech Meetup community.



Top Notch Oil Changes Brought To Your Door – A Q&A With Nomad Oil Founder, Eric Pearson



Never been to Propelify? . . . Each May, a world-changing group of entrepreneurs, visionaries, and cultural influencers gathers on the Hoboken waterfront to share ideas and discuss what’s next . . . if you’re a member of the startup or innovation community in NY & NJ, it’s a must-go event.


Propelify Innovation Festival

Beat the New NJ Gas Tax in Under 2 Minutes

Beat the New NJ Gas Tax in Under 2 Minutes

nj gas tax mpg dollars save money on gas with easy car maintenance tips

A Few Minutes A Day Can Save You A Bundle On Gas

Did you read about the new NJ gas tax? If you had spent your time driving instead, you could avoid paying any more for gas! Okay, let me explain . . .

NJ rolled out a new 4.3 cent per gallon tax on gasoline on Monday, resulting in grumbles and eye rolls up and down the Parkway and Turnpike.

My advice? Forget about it. Here’s how to milk more money out of your daily commute in just a couple minutes, enough to more than pay the extra pennies at the fuel pump!

Save Money and Increase Fuel Economy MPGs in Just 2 Minutes

We know you are a lane-changing ninja. Your freeway passing abilities are highly developed. Your right foot is . . . active. Most of us here in New Jersey like to drive fast. But what you may not know is that speeding barely cuts any time off of your drive. It does, however, burn a bunch of gas. Here is a handy way to “hack” your commute to get where you’re going in about the same amount of time while saving enough cash to more than cover this annoying new NJ gas tax!

Crunch your speed and fuel numbers here — the trade-off between MPH, MPG, and travel time may surprise you!   This fuel consumption vs. speed calculator helps you see how much MPGs go up when your MPH goes down, and you’ll be amazed how little it changes the length of your drive.

Using our Nomad Ford Flex as an example (about 20 MPG on our daily 30-mile round trip to our home base), the new gas tax will cost 6.3 cents per day. If I drive 5 MPH slower, I’ll get to work 3 minutes later and save 13 cents. That’s double what I’d need to cover the new tax hike.

ford flex nomad van

That’s hardly enough to stop and think about, but here’s the big picture: if I normally drove at 75 mph (hypothetically, right? — obey all posted limits kids), and made the jump down to 60 mph, I’d save $438.00 per year and only make my total commute 6 minutes longer. Ka-ching.

(Why does speeding cost more money without saving you time? Nerd time out: wind resistance doesn’t add up proportionally to your speed . . . it multiplies in a more exponential manner (velocity squared) as you go faster. At the same time, vehicle engines and transmissions get peak MPG efficiency around 55-60 miles per hour. You’ll notice to drive faster than that, you’ll be revving at higher RPMs. So, above that speed your engine has to work harder not only because it’s running above it’s “cruising speed”, but also because more and more air is stacking up in front of your car and must be pushed out of the way.)

So, pay yourself hundreds of dollars this year, and spend a few more minutes listening to the radio each day (or talking to bae, or listening to audiobooks, or chatting with your Uber/Lyft passengers — whatever it is you’re doing in there).

Another way to save a little cash on gas? Stop driving to the dealership or auto shop every time your car needs service! Nomad saves you a trip and loads of time by bringing oil changes and maintenance right to you at home and at work — book your next service here.

Special Offers On At-Work & At-Home Car Maintenance

Most people don’t have a convenient way to fit car maintenance into their schedule, so Nomad takes bookings from your smartphone and brings top-quality oil changes right to your car. Your car will be happier and so will you!

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Don’t need an oil change right now? Get a free courtesy Tire Pressure Adjustment and Vehicle Check, and we will remind you when it’s time to come back for your car’s scheduled oil change service.

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Nomad offers a courtesy tire check program – for no charge, we will come check your car’s tire inflation, adjust it if necessary, and give you a free multipoint inspection and vehicle status report. Then, we offer convenient reminders so when it IS time, we can come back and give your car the routine maintenance TLC it needs.

Questions? Reach out anytime HERE!