How to Clean and Disinfect Your Vehicle

By now, you’re routinely washing your hands and disinfecting household surfaces to help defend against the spread of the coronavirus. But have you given the same attention to your vehicle?

If you’re still using your vehicle for essential errands, you should be cleaning and disinfecting the interior regularly. Not sure about the proper way to do so?

These tips will help you clean and disinfect your car safely:


A thorough cleaning clears the way for disinfectants to do their job properly. Remove any loose trash, wipe away surface dirt and debris with a microfiber cloth (paper towels scratch) and vacuum the interior.

Avoid spraying cleansers (or disinfectants) directly on interior surfaces. Instead, dampen a microfiber cloth with the cleaner, wipe away excess dirt and oil, then rinse with another water-damped cloth.

Soap and water work best for cleaning most surfaces. But many popular household cleaners are safe as well. Just be sure to check the label for recommendations.


Focus on high-touch areas, including the steering wheel, door handles, seat belts, armrests, gear shifts, touch screens and other controls. A 70-percent isopropyl alcohol solution can be used to disinfect most interior surfaces, including glass and touch-screen displays that can be damaged by harsher alternatives.

There are also a variety of products that are specifically designed for the purpose of disinfecting your vehicle’s interior. If you’re wondering which products work best against COVID-19, consult the latest EPA recommendations.

For best results, wash your hands before and after driving and be sure to clean and disinfect your vehicle on a regular basis.

Please reach out if you have any questions!

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