Don’t Overlook Small Areas of Paint Damage

Have you started noticing some chips in the paint on your car? It’s annoying when your car gets a new ding or dent. Even if it’s a tiny imperfection, you don’t want to let it go unfixed for long.

That’s because, even if they’re minor, letting those chips go unchecked could lead to further damage to your vehicle. Read on to learn what you should do to take care of those unsightly paint chips.

Common Causes
Rocks and stones can get kicked up by the cars in front of you on the road, launching them into your car at high speeds. The repeated, small scratches from these pebbles can chip or peel your paint job.

Accidents happen, too. Collisions with cars and other objects can scrape the paint off, leaving unsightly scratches and chips.

And bird droppings contain corrosive substances, like uric acid, which can eat through your car’s protective wax coating or even the clear coat.

Fix Chips ASAP
Once the clear coat is breached, your paint is vulnerable to the elements. That means your car could end up with rust spots.

And chipped paint may lower the value of your car: The longer you wait to fix peeling or chipping paint, the more damage could be done.

How to Handle Dings

  1. Wash your vehicle gently. Scrubbing vigorously or using corrosive or abrasive cleaning materials might cause further damage.
  2. Treat any rust spots to avoid further damage to your car.
  3. Get it repaired. A professional paint job can make your car look shiny and new.

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