How to Care for the Glass on Your Car

Keeping your vehicle’s glass clean and in good shape is about more than looks. Dirty or damaged glass can obstruct your vision and potentially put you (and your passengers) in unnecessary danger.

But with proper cleaning and care, you can travel safer and extend the life of your vehicle’s windshield and windows.

Here are few ways you can take care of the glass parts of your vehicle.

Clean the glass on your car regularly.

Use a dedicated glass cleaner, cleaning glass as often as needed to maintain optimal visibility. Avoid products that contain ammonia and other harsh chemicals, which can damage window tint and vinyl, rubber and leather trim.

Instead of spraying the glass directly, lightly mist a microfiber cloth and apply just enough cleaner to the glass to remove residue. Use a separate cloth to dry the glass.

Don’t forget to clean the tops and edges of the door windows. Polish away hard water spots to avoid permanent staining, and consider applying an exterior sealant to make future cleaning easier.

Replace your wiper blades as needed.

Wiper blades dry out, become worn and break down over time. As this occurs, you may notice noise, streaking and visible deterioration. If you notice these tell-tale signs, replace the blades ASAP. If the metal beneath the blades becomes exposed, it could scratch the windshield.

Practice safe driving.

When traveling, it’s always possible that gravel and other debris kicked up by nearby cars could hit your windshield. It helps to keep your distance from other vehicles.

Repair damage ASAP.

When rocks or other debris hit your windshield it can leave a small chip in the glass. Even without insurance coverage, such damage is relatively inexpensive to repair if caught early. But left unchecked, a small chip can quickly turn into a large crack that requires a windshield replacement.

Park in the shade whenever possible.

Heat can weaken and warp glass over time, shortening its lifespan. It can also cause small chips to spread more quickly. Park in a garage or other covered areas whenever possible.

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