Keep Your Car Smelling Fresh Inside

Considering all the time that you spend behind the wheel, wouldn’t it be nice to keep your car’s interior clean? A fresh-smelling, clutter-free vehicle makes for a more pleasant commute. Plus, a clean car that’s well cared for will be worth more should you decide to sell it in the future. 

So start the year by giving your car a little TLC. In less than an hour, your whole interior will feel almost brand-new.

Dash and Console

Start by dusting the dashboard and instrument panel. With the loose debris out of the way, take a clean cloth and an all-purpose car cleaner to wipe down all hard surfaces.

If you prefer to go natural, mix water, vinegar and a drop or two of dish detergent in a spray bottle.  

Windows and Doors

Dirty windows are more than just unappealing — they make it hard to see the road. Your best fix is an automotive glass cleaner. After you’ve wiped your windows clean, use a dry cloth to polish out any streaks.   

Don’t forget the insides of your doors. It can get especially grimy where the car’s door and body meet.  

Other Interior Surfaces

Next up, vacuum your vehicle’s seats, floor mats and carpet. Use a lotion-based leather cleaner, followed by a layer of protectant for your leather or vinyl seats.

Stains on cloth seats and carpets require some elbow grease. Choose your cleaner: club soda; vinegar, water and dish detergent; or laundry detergent. Let it soak in and then gently scrub the stains away with a brush.  

Finishing Touches

Now that you have a freshly cleaned ride, you can make it last by stowing any one of these household deodorizers under your front seats: dryer sheets, baking soda or charcoal.  

Keep bags in the seat pockets, so you’ll always have a handy storage area for miscellaneous items. This should help reduce the number of stray crayons or French fries you find in your car from now on.

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