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Maywood: A township in New Jersey with history and culture

Maywood is a township in New Jersey with history and culture. You’ll also find many parks and recreation areas that are perfect for families to enjoy. With so much to offer, it’s no wonder that Maywood has been nicknamed “the hidden jewel of Bergen County.” The town itself began to grow after World War II when many veterans moved into Maywood looking for homes they could afford while starting their families. Information can be found here.

In its heyday, Maywood had four movie theaters, three grocery stores, and two department stores which have all closed down over time due to larger companies coming into the community, bringing more competition that drove prices up along with suburban growth driving customers away from these close-knit communities back towards bigger cities where there are multiple shopping malls. We hope you enjoy this blog post about one of the oldest towns in New Jersey – Maywood! The township is located in the eastern part of Bergen County, as well as a section of southeastern Passaic County. Maywood has a history that will become the center of all attention. There are many different things to see and do in Maywood, NJ, which is Township’s place just outside New York City with its own unique culture. See here for information about How to Easily Find the Perfect Vacation Rental in Teaneck Township, New Jersey.