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Car Maintenance. Delivered.

Car Maintenance in Northern New Jersey

Keeping your car in good condition allows you to enjoy peace of mind every time you drive. An important aspect of car maintenance is draining the old motor oil and replacing it with fresh oil. Typically, it is recommended to change your oil after every 3,000 to 10,000 miles depending on your driving environment, how you drive, and the condition and age of your engine. Nomad uses synthetic oil, as it allows modern engines to go longer between oil changes –5,000 miles or more. It also offers better protection so you save more time on maintenance and your car lasts longer.

Need an Oil Change? We’re Here to Help

If you need an oil change, look no further than Nomad. We believe our innovative services are the most efficient and convenient way to get the job done.No hassle and no stress on your part. You only need to schedule a service, and our mobile team will come to you. We also offer coupons and deals to give you low-cost services for regular oil changes.

Not Just an Oil Change

We pride ourselves in offering a unique service that is tailored to provide you quality and reliability. We have an online scheduling tool that allows you to book a service at your preferred time. You simply enter in your vehicle details, engine type and size, estimated mileage, and phone number. Additionally, you can request for extra services such as wiper blade and engine air filter replacements, and coolant service. Our customers can also request for a service assistant who makes oil change recommendations based on their mileage and driving habits.

Nomad No-Stress Guarantee

Our mission is to bring you the easiest, most driver-friendly car maintenance you’ve ever had. If anything about your service is unsatisfactory, we promise to make it right or refund your payment in full.

Schedule Today

If you are located in New Jersey area, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for oil change and other car maintenance services. Our scheduling tool makes the whole process easy for you, and we’ll send our professionals to you. Expect the best service when you schedule a mobile oil change with us today!