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River EdgeTownship: The Heart of Bergen County in New Jersey

If you are looking for a beautiful place to live, look no further. River Edge Township in New Jersey is the perfect place! Nestled right by the Hudson River and with over 20 parks to explore, there’s no wonder why this town has been ranked as one of NJ’s best towns to live in. River Edge Township is also home to some famous landmarks such as Fort Lee Historical Park and The George Washington Bridge, which connects New York City with Bergen County. Learn more here.

River Edge Township in New Jersey is a great place to live. The township’s name derives from it being located along the Hackensack River. Also, because there are two rivers that flow through town, you could say that River Edge rests both upon the banks of these waterways! The area now known as River Edge can be traced back to residents living here for over 350 years ago when Native Americans roamed this land! Some artifacts have been unearthed showing evidence of early settlers like arrowheads and spear points dating back hundreds of years ago. Learn more about Maywood: A township in New Jersey with history and culture.