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Save Some Money with Better Mileage

For most of us, with the holidays comes travel. This means keeping everybody happy during long hours on the road and navigating rest stops. The only thing even more frustrating than repeatedly hearing “Are we there yet?” is pumping gas (and money!) into the tank. 

Though a few common myths persist, there are real strategies that can help improve your gas mileage. Let’s take a look: 

Will premium gas give you better mileage?

In short: No. Unless your car requires premium fuel, you won’t be improving your mileage at all. In fact, putting premium gas into a vehicle that doesn’t need it could eventually cause damage. And since it costs more, it’ll hurt your pocketbook as well.

What’s the truth about tire pressure?

Your best bet is to fill your tires according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. This can help you avoid blowouts — which will likely cost more than any fuel savings you get from underinflating or overinflating your tires. 

Instead, properly inflate your tires. You’ll be safer and get better gas mileage.

Do you need a pre-trip oil change?

You don’t have to get an oil change before your trip, but you might want to. It can help improve fuel economy. And don’t forget to check out the oil filter. 

Does cruise control impact fuel economy?

It’s true that using cruise control could be more efficient. That’s because it reduces the number of times the throttle opens. 

Will a new air filter improve your mileage?

The air filter on your vehicle can improve the performance of the car, but it doesn’t necessarily reduce the amount of gas you’ll use. It’s still a good idea to replace your filter regularly.

Do roof racks make it worse?

A car-top carrier will almost certainly minimize your vehicle’s efficiency — the larger the item or carrier, the more your mileage will be affected. While a carrier might be necessary for longer trips, make sure you remove it for daily commutes and errands. 

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