What should you keep in your car?

It doesn’t matter whether you’re planning a road trip or just using your car for errands, it’s a good idea to keep a few essentials handy in case of an emergency.

Here’s a weekend project idea: Clear out anything you don’t need and stock your car with a few useful items instead.

Whether you buy a pre-made emergency kit or gather a few things separately, here’s what to consider keeping in your vehicle to stay prepared and safe on the road:

1. Flashlight or Headlamp
A light source is great to have in case you have car troubles at night. With a headlamp, you can keep your hands free while changing a tire or checking under the hood.

2. First-Aid and Comfort Supplies
Band-Aids and other first-aid tools can be useful anytime, not just in an emergency. A blanket can protect you while on the ground working on your car (or provide warmth if your vehicle breaks down in cold weather). If you have kids, water and snacks will come in handy if you have to wait for a tow truck.

3. Emergency Tools
Stay safe on the side of the road with items such as reflective triangles, flares, a fire extinguisher and a multipurpose tool like a pocket knife.

4. Jumper Cables
Keep working jumper cables in your trunk to help revive your own vehicle’s dead battery or someone else’s.

5. Portable Phone Charger
If your car battery dies, you won’t be able to charge your cell phone in your vehicle’s USB port or cigarette lighter. Keep a functioning portable charger handy just in case.

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